Our Wine List

House Wines

  • Spanish House Wine
    Campo de Borja – Spain
    Borsao Bodegas White
    Borsao Bodegas Red
    Borsao Bodegas Rosé

    125ml glass – £3.25
    175ml glass – £4.25
    250ml glass – £6.25
    500ml carafe – £12.50

  • French House Wine
    Pays d’Oc – France
    Réserve Saint Marc Grenache Blanc
    Réserve Saint Marc Cabernet Sauvignon

    175ml glass – £4.55
    250ml glass – £6.55
    500ml carafe – £13.10

Sparkling Wines & Champagnes


  • Prosecco Ca Bolani Brut, Italy
    Veneto – Italy
    Bright, light clear straw finish. Very fine perlage.
    125ml glass – £5.95
  • Ditchling’s Own Ridgeview Bloomsbury
    Ditchling, Sussex
    Rich, dry and classically toasty. Nice elegant mousse.
  • Joseph Perrier Cuvée Royale NV (Vegan)
    Champagne – France
    Made by a small, family owned champagne house. It is best served as an apéritif, although it is also excellent with seafood and smoked salmon.
  • White Zinfandel Car Hop
    California – USA
    The perfect summer tipple; a riot of strawberry, raspberry, cranberry and melon notes
    175ml glass – £4.85
    250ml glass – £7.00

    500ml carafe – £13.85
  • Cuvée Sélectionnée Rosé Masfleurey
    Provence – France
    A quality rosé made with red grapes – Syrah and Grenache. Silky, red fruited and dry. Classical Provence style.

White Wines

Red Wines

  • Chardonnay Pattersons
    Riverland – Australia
    All the soft creaminess of Chardonnay Unoaked but with a much crispier finish than usual
    175ml glass – £4.85
    250ml glass – £6.85
    500ml carafe – £13.70
  • Pinot Grigio Rapido (Vegan)
    A nutty and dry wine, easy drinking and great fun
    175ml glass – £4.85
    250ml glass – £6.85
    500ml carafe – £13.70
  • Sauvignon Blanc The Duke
    Marlborough – New Zealand
    A typically aromatic wine, lime citrus and gooseberry with a full finish
    175ml glass – £5.25
    250ml glass – £7.25
    500ml carafe – £14.25
  • Picpoul de Pinet Morin Langaran (Vegan)
    Languedoc – France
    Fresh fragrant petals and ripe melon fruits
  • Sauvignon Blanc Sugar Loaf
    Lovely, zesty tropical fruits and a full finish – a real treat
  • Bacchus Our Local Albourne Estate
    West Sussex – England
    An aromatic award winning wine packed with passion fruit and citrus
  • Chablis Fournillion
    Burgundy – France
    Beautifully balanced with green apple notes that sit alongside a mineral finish that has a slight creaminess
  • Shiraz Pattersons
    Riverland – Australia
    Jammy, ripe and soft with a hint of oak 
    175ml glass – £4.85
    250ml glass – £6.85
    500ml carafe – £13.70
  • Cabernet Sauvignon The Long Country
    Central Valley – Chile
    A typical cabernet sauvignon from Chile, mouth filling with blackcurrent and mint
  • Merlot Mourvédre Les Oliviers (Vegan)
    Pays d’Oc – France
    Brightly perfumed fruit with a hint of lavender and notes of summer berries and plum
    175ml glass – £5.85
    250ml glass – £7.85
    500ml glass carafe – £14.80
  • Nero d’Avola Sensale (Vegan)
    Intense ruby red colour, a complex aroma mainly from ripe fruit and red berries. In the mouth this wine show a defined structure due to its soft tannic nature and mellowness.
  • Malbec Septima
    Mendoza – Argentina
    Intense red with purply highlights. Aromas of fresh cherries balanced with toast and vanilla
    175ml glass – £6
    250ml glass – £8
    500ml carafe – £15.45
  • Pinot Noir Le Versant (Vegan)
    Pays d’Oc – France
    This wine packs a serious punch of fruit. Aromatic with hints of violets and cherries – a fuller style not unlike Kiwi pinot
  • Côtes du Rhône Loron et Fils (Vegan)
    A blend of Grenache and Syrah, fruity taste of red berries and soft spice with a hint of pepperiness
    175ml glass – £6.25
    250ml glass – £8.75
    500ml carafe – £16.00 

Dessert ‘Sticky Wines’

  • Moscato Passito Araldica
    Piedmont – Italy
    Honeyed, rich and intense.
    £5.25 per 125ml glass, only £4 if you order a dessert too!