Festive Finger Buffet Platters for Christmas 2019

Let the Beach House cater for your Christmas Function or Party with our Finger Buffet Platters available to groups of 12+

To hire the rear section of The Beach House your party must have a minimum of 30 people, the area is suitable for up to 60 guests.  Please see Terms & Conditions below for full details.

Available from 25th November – 23rd December, inclusive
Pre-ordering and reservations are required up to 72 hours in advance and will be subject to availability
Email: beachhouse@oureatinghouse.co.uk | Telephone: 01903 367313

Menus are available to download/print here

Menu A

£13.95 per person

  • Olives & Assorted Nuts
  • Winter Vegetable Soup (V)
    1 per person
  • Vegetarian Spring Rolls (V)
  • Pigs in Blankets
  • Smoked Salmon Rosettes
  • Breaded Brie with Cranberry Sauce (V)
  • Tomato Pesto & Feta Cheese Bites (V)
  • Open Face Turkey Sandwiches with Cranberries
  • Spicy Cauliflower Bang Bang (VG)
  • Herby Roast Potatoes

  • Mini Mince Pies & Cream
  • Local Cheeseboards with Fruit & Crackers

Menu B

£18.95 per person

  • Olives & Assorted Nuts
  • Spiced Parsnip Soup (V)
    1 per person
  • Prawn Cocktail Cups
    1 per person
  • Pigs in Blankets
  • Smoked Salmon & Cream Cheese Pinwheels
  • Beef & Horseradish Crostinis
  • Falafel Bites with Sweet Chilli Dip (VG)
  • Mini Beetroot Slider (VG)
  • Open Face Turkey Sandwiches with Cranberries
  • Mini Toad in the Holes with Gravy
  • Bloody Mary Oyster Shooters
    1 per person
  • Herby Roast Potatoes (V)

  • Mini Mince Pies & Cream
  • Frangelico Brownie Bites (VG)
  • Local Cheeseboards with Fruit & Crackers

Terms & Conditions

  • To confirm and take this reservation we require a deposit of £10 per person at the time of booking.
  • Full payment of the food bill must be received within 3 working days of the booking date & time.
  • In case of cancellation, if less than 7 working days’ notice, the deposit is non- refundable (For December 12, 13, 19 & 20 this will be increased to 14 working days’ notice). If within 24 hours full payment will be retained.
  • Menu selections must be received within 7 working days of the booking date & time.
  • Please inform and discuss with management if you need to apply any changes to your booking at least 7 working days before the booking date. In case of change of number of people attending the party, if the change is significant ie more than 30% the pub management reserve the right to review the booking and may refuse to honour it. 
  • Reasonable changes in numbers will always be considered.
  • The deposit and full payment must be paid by one person/leader of each group. We will not accept multi party payments, part payment or instalments. 
  • To run a bar tab for a group we require payment in advance on the day of the booking or a credit card behind the bar from the booker. We highly recommend pre-ordering Wine.
  • No alcohol can be served or given to under 18s on the premises; due to our licence, no under 18s are allowed after 8pm on Fridays and Saturdays.
  • Management reserve the right to refuse serving alcohol if any problems, over indulgence or bad behaviour occur. 
  • For all menus, the entire party must choose either buffet menu A or buffet menu B. For service reasons we cannot mix and match.
  • We cannot guarantee table locations but all requests will be considered.
  • The Beach House reserves the right to amend and change these terms and conditions.