Beach House Wine List: A Brand New Selection of Wine in Worthing

We’ve switched up our selection of wine in Worthing

We like to keep things fresh at The Beach House, not only with our food, but with our wine in Worthing too. With access to a number of quality wine suppliers, as well as fantastic wine producers close to home in Sussex, we’re able to offer a selection that caters to all tastes and budgets, complimenting our food, or just a relaxed evening out with friends.

Not only are some of our wines brand new to The Beach House, but some are also vegan! We’ve noticed an increased demand for vegan options, and our new options on the wine menu are a reflection of that. One particularly delicious option is the Nero D’avola Sensale – it’s an intense ruby red colour, with a complex aroma mainly from ripe fruit and red berries. Perfect for enjoying in the garden in the summer – not long now!

If you’re a Worthing wine fan, our new list is bound to have something on it that you fancy – view it here, or pop down and try it for yourself…