Dog friendly cafe bar in Worthing

Visit our Dog Friendly cafe when walking your dog in Worthing

The summer may be over, but the great thing for dog owners is that we walk on the beach all year round!  In Worthing that also means that the central beach area is great for dogs after being lead only during the Summer.

schnauzer-275936_1280The Beach House is a fantastic dog friendly cafe along the seafront to aim for when out walking with your four-legged friends, we always have a very warm welcome for any dog walkers who visit.  Dogs who pop in to see us can have a free biscuit from the jar on the bar (if you can’t see it just ask) and a fresh bowl of water on request.

Our wonderful seafront can be enjoyed in a number of ways, either with a flat and simple walk along the wide prom (dogs must be kept on leads along here) or on the beach itself.  At high tide there are lots of pebbles to play in amongst, but at low tide a huge swathe of flat sand, with some pebble and chalk beds, reveals itself and then you really can walk for miles.

Walking under the pier is always interesting to see how the structure has been constructed, with seaweed and barnacles stuck to every surface.  On days with a very low tide, you can sometimes even walk to the end of the pier on the sand below!

Seafront Doge Friendly Cafe in WorthingDogs love a paddle in the waves and a chase of the sea birds that inhabit our wonderful beach.  For information on where the beach is dog friendly during the Summer visit here, but we think a good bracing winter walk with your dog is best.  Come and warm your feet with us and enjoy a local ale or your favourite drink, or perhaps even a bite to eat, we look forward to welcoming you to our dog friendly cafe bar soon.