Keep an eye out for special Beach House cocktails in Worthing

It’s Friday, you’ve finished work, and you can finally relax after a long week. This is prime time to treat yourself, and we’ve got just the thing at The Beach House – our Beach House weekend cocktails in Worthing! They’re colourful, they’re fruity, and they’re mixed by our own fair hand. There are 4 delicious varieties to choose from…

Cocktail Specials Menu

  • Sex On The Beach
    Vodka, Archers, Cranberry and Orange Juice
  • Woo Woo
    Vodka, Archers and cranberry juice with fresh lime
  • Godfather
    Jack Daniels, Disaronno, Coke and Lime
  • Gin Fizz
    Gordons, Elderflower & Tonic
cocktails in Worthing

Come down to The Beach House over the weekend and try our tasty cocktails for yourselves!