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Free Roast Potatoes on Sundays at our Worthing Cafe – The Beach House

We’ve always been a Worthing cafe you can treat yourself in – so how about some free roast potatoes?!

January’s a bleak month, and most of us are missing using Christmas as an excuse to indulge in plenty of carb-heavy treats. But at our Worthing cafe, we don’t believe you need an excuse to have something tasty, which is why we offer what are arguably the best things about Sundays every week – roast potatoes! We’ve got them free on the bar every Sunday…

Crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside, and deliciously hot – that’s what our chef aims for with every roastie, and they’re the perfect accompaniment to a Sunday afternoon pint, making that weekend feeling last a little bit longer.

You can grab this hot deliciousness on our bar from 2pm every Sunday – whether you come down specially, or just have them as a snack while you wait for one of our famous burgers.