Brand New Weekly Worthing Quiz Night at The Beach House

Weekly Worthing quiz night starts at The Beach House on Tuesday 31st January

Following the success of our Christmas quiz at The Beach House last month, we’ve decided that we’d like to test the brain boxes of our Worthing customers every week – every Tuesday, to be exact.

13892137_1751506458424403_1082084398863241176_nWe’re enlisting the help of accomplished quizmaster Gareth E. Owen, who also hosts the very popular quiz at our sister bar, The Corner House, on a Monday evening. Gareth has been quizzing in Worthing for a number of years, and is famous for being fun, friendly, and fantastic at testing our general knowledge! He also does a great deal for charity, and as with his other quizzes in Worthing, this new weekly event will be raising money for Superstar Arts.

Superstar Arts was founded in 2012 in order to create new and exciting opportunities for those with learning difficulties by providing high quality, innovative artistic experiences, and encourage unique ideas, confidence building and social exploration. They work in partnership with similar groups and organisations to provide volunteer and work placement opportunities, and further strengthen the support network for people with learning disabilities in the Worthing area. Their projects are funded by grants from local authorities and charities, and from the fees paid by our participants, in addition to kind donations from local people. You can find out more about their fantastic work and how to donate over on their website.

Join us from 8pm on Tuesday 31st Jan for this quiz’s debut night!