vegan food in Worthing

Brand New Menu at The Beach House

We’ve launched our new food selection – which puts us up there as a restaurant for vegans in Worthing

The Beach House has been open in Worthing now for 4 years, which means we’ve kept a close eye on how the food tastes in our sunny seaside town have changed. Particularly in the last year, we’ve seen a shift towards a plant based diet, and have kept this in mind while we devised our new menu at the start of the year. With a whole section dedicated to vegetarian and vegan options, we’re putting ourselves out there as a restaurant for vegans in Worthing.

Included in our selection is our superfood salad – it’s perfect for the coming summer months on our seafront deck, packed with vegetables, quinoa and avocado – and it’s completely plant based. The Beach House is famous for it’s burgers, and we wanted to make sure vegans are in on the magic – enter our beetroot burger with onions and avocado, and our sweet potato falafel burger with red onions, avocado and hummus.

We haven’t just stopped at main meals either – we’re also the only place in Worthing where you can enjoy Gelato Gusto vegan ice cream, a Brighton brand passionate about dairy alternatives. Plenty of our draught beers are vegan too!

Every vegan option, both on our main menu and our drinks menu, are labelled as Vegan (or Vegetarian and/or gluten free, where applicable). We’re looking forward to serving our brand new menu (available to view here), complete with vegan food in Worthing.