Still the best for Burgers in Worthing…

Ok, so its never really been in dispute, but we are still the best for burgers in Worthing!

Everyone who loves burgers knows exactly where they had their best burger ever, and according to our reviews, a lot of people feel it was at The Beach House! We’ve worked hard to create a six delicious handmade burger options to tickle the taste buds of Sussex burger lovers, with another 3 ‘burgers’ which can be enjoyed by vegetarians (two of these are vegan too, see options below)


Vegetarian & Vegan Burger Options

To celebrate our famous Beach House burgers in Worthing, we dedicate every Wednesday evening to them! For just £10, you can grab one of our burgers and a pint or glass of house wine. Join us on a Wednesday and get a bargain, and potentially the best burger you’ve ever had – right here in Worthing.


In honour of our speciality, every weekend our wonderful chef, Sian, cooks up a new tasty burger special, these can often be vegetarian, fish or traditional meat.  Some of our recent specials have included:


Vegan Mexican spicy bean chipotle burger

Philly Steak Cheeseburger

Prawn Katsu burger with a slaw & sriracha mayo

Satay chicken burger

Mac & cheese burger topped with melted cheddar cheese & a marinara sauce


Check out our full menu here.