Vegetarian Food in Worthing at The Beach House

We’re proud to be a café that served vegetarian food in Worthing

The Beach House has been open in Worthing now for 4 years, which means we’ve kept a close eye on how the food tastes in our sunny seaside town have changed. Particularly in the last year, we’ve seen a shift towards a meat-free diet, and have kept this in mind while we devised our new menu at the start of the year. With a whole section dedicated to vegetarian and vegan options, we’re putting ourselves out there as a café that serves vegetarian food in Worthing.

One thing that’s always been popular at The Beach House is sharing boards, and there’s now a board of hummus, baba ganoush, tabouleh, olives and pickles with pita bread, perfect for picking at while you’re having a catch up with friends and family – this menu item is also vegan! The Beach House is known for it’s burgers, so we’ve come up with mouthwatering vegetarian options for those too – including a beetroot burger, and a sweet potato falafel burger.

Not only are the above dishes available, but there’s also plenty of vegetarian starters, snacks, and even some vegan desserts! See our full selection here, and visit us Tuesday-Sunday to try them out!


Introducing Vegan Ice Cream at The Beach House

We’re proud to offer vegan ice cream in Worthing at The Beach House

As you may already be aware, our brand new menu is a lot more reflective of how eating habits have changed in the last few years, and we’re talking specifically about a shift towards meat-free diets – vegan in particular. With a desire to accommodate these changes and to provide desserts to make a trip to The Beach House all the more special, we’ve introduced vegan ice cream in Worthing to our sunny seafront bar.

Perfect for those hot sunny days to come on our decking, the dairy-free selection is supplied by Gelato Gusto, an artisan ice cream company based in Brighton’s North Laines. The company was set up by BAFTA award winning producer/director Jon Adams, who wanted to follow his dream of becoming an artisan gelato producer. Their dairy-free ice creams are made with a range of nut, soya and oat milks, without compromise on the creamy texture and tasty flavours. With choices like chocolate brownie and pistacchio, it’s safe to say your sweet craving will be well and truly catered for.

While ice-cream may not be the obvious choice for so early in the year, you won’t regret tasting Gelato Gusto‘s delicious vegan ice cream in Worthing. We’re the only place in town to stock Gelato Gusto too!

Beach House Wine List: A Brand New Selection of Wine in Worthing

We’ve switched up our selection of wine in Worthing

We like to keep things fresh at The Beach House, not only with our food, but with our wine in Worthing too. With access to a number of quality wine suppliers, as well as fantastic wine producers close to home in Sussex, we’re able to offer a selection that caters to all tastes and budgets, complimenting our food, or just a relaxed evening out with friends.

Not only are some of our wines brand new to The Beach House, but some are also vegan! We’ve noticed an increased demand for vegan options, and our new options on the wine menu are a reflection of that. One particularly delicious option is the Nero D’avola Sensale – it’s an intense ruby red colour, with a complex aroma mainly from ripe fruit and red berries. Perfect for enjoying in the garden in the summer – not long now!

If you’re a Worthing wine fan, our new list is bound to have something on it that you fancy – view it here, or pop down and try it for yourself…

Adnams Beer in Worthing at The Beach House

Some brand new names in our craft beer line up

Our relationships with some of the best real ale and craft beer breweries in the country are an element of The Beach House that we’re particularly proud of. Recently, we introduced Adnams beer in Worthing, and it’s safe to say it’s gone down a storm.

One of the breweries supplying several of these tasty new brews is Adnams. Most famous for brewing beer in the seaside Suffolk town of Southwold since 1872, Adnams have won countless awards not only for their beer, but their gin and vodka too. They work with local farmers and producers, as well as partnering with overseas beer brands (and two of our favourites) Bitburger and Benediktinerto bring their delicious brews to the UK.

Jack Brand Mosaic Pale Ale is a brand new beer we’ve recently put on tap – a self confessed ‘fruity one-hop wonder’, we’ve got it on keg and it goes perfectly with lightly spiced dishes, as well as scallops! It’s made with mosaic hops, and features mango, peach, lemon and pine flavours.

Whether you’re a seasoned craft beer fan, or looking to dip your toe into the hoppy water (not literally – shoes on in the bar please, guys), we’ve got a line up to suit any taste.

Beach House Christmas Opening Hours

When our family bar in Worthing will be open over Christmas

When you’ve had enough of Christmas television, board games, and picking leftovers from the fridge, you may find yourself longing for an escape over the Christmas period. Therefore, it may interest you to know when our cosy family bar in Worthing will be open during the festivities…

family bar in Worthing

#StrawsSuck – Say Hello to Paper Straws at The Beach House

The Beach House is proud to be one of the first places to eat in Worthing to ditch plastic straws

When you’re sipping on that well earned gin and tonic at the end of week at The Beach House, it probably hasn’t occurred to you that there’s a large number of people around you doing the same thing – and they’ve all got straws in their drinks. This is happening every day of the week, which means thousands and thousands of plastic straws are getting used – and the environmental impact adds up. Well, no longer, as far as we’re concerned – we’ve banished plastic straws in favour of a much more eco-friendly alternative!

Like other small pieces of plastic waste, straws can make their way into our rivers and oceans easily, causing havoc for marine life. A Gaurdian article recently reported that “Most plastic packaging items are used only once before being discarded, and globally only 14% of plastic packaging is collected for recycling. The remainder gets incinerated, landfilled or worse, with more than 30% leaking out into the environment. If nothing changes, there could be more plastic than fish in the ocean by 2050.” This is pretty scary, and we wanted to do our bit to reduce our use of single-use plastic items, which naturally led us to the replacement of our straws.

These new paper alternatives can go straight into the recycling, just as paper does in an office. They’re not boring bog standards ones either – they pretty cool, if we do say so ourselves? Both The Beach House and its sister bar The Corner House will be using these straws instead of plastic ones. We’re very pleased with them – come and give them a try! We’ve got a large gin selection, if you needed an excuse…

Some Sparkly New Additions to The Beach House Website

We’re excited to reveal brand new photos, a video and gift vouchers!

ew_9765-copy-1It’s been a little while since we saw the finishing touches on our website, so its been a lot of fun to give everything a bit of a refresh with some brand new photos, as well as an impressive new video! With the help of our marketing friends at Hit Refresh, and talented local photographer Ed Watts, we’ve got a selection of media that really shows off The Beach House at it’s best. You can now also buy gift vouchers for The Beach House and our sister bar, The Corner House – find out more here.

The photos were taken across two shoots, with the first focusing on the food. We wanted some of our most popular dishes to show off their best side, including fish and chips, steak frites, and of course, our famous burgers. Our sharing platters, pork pie, kids menu options, and the classic fish finger sandwich also got a look in, as well as some trendy interior shots, and plenty of attention paid to our extensive selection of drinks.

The second shoot focused more on our beautiful seafront deck, which on the night we chose, like any sunny summers evening on our terrace, was full of happy people enjoying themselves. We’re so pleased to have captured a slice of life at The Beach House, and have it immortalised not only in images, but in an exciting video too.

Hit Refresh’s videographer Gary was on hand on both shoots too, which has resulted in a very exciting video that we think sums up The Beach House perfectly

This media has definitely enhanced our website, and anyone who has ‘liked’ The Beach House on Facebook should expect to see the gorgeous pictures popping up on our posts from now on!

Where To Eat in Half Term: Kid’s Menu in Worthing

Half term is on its way, and our kids’s menu in Worthing is on hand to help

We know how hard it is to keep the whole family happy when you head out to eat, which can make half term a bit of a nightmare when it comes to meal times. This is what we try to combat with our kids’s menu in Worthing, which offers choice and tasty, homecooked food for kids, alongside our usual dishes and mouthwatering specials.

kid's menu in WorthingWe find that a big hit with little ones are our fish goujons, in a kid size portion and perfect for smaller tummies. They’re made freshly on-site with fish fresh from our local suppliers, and come with those all important fries; a proper fish and chip dinner by the sea for kids! There are also delicious chicken breast strips, and locally sourced sausages, both served with fries.

Of course, no trip to The Beach House would be complete without a burger, and kids don’t have to miss out on that; there’s a kids burger option too! Our famous burger in a child sized portion. There is a healthy option too, but just as tasty and filling; houmous dip with carrot sticks, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, and fresh toasted sourdough. Yum!

Our children’s menu in Worthing should help keep little ones happy during half term, and there’s plenty for Mums, Dads and Grandparents too; in fact, there’s something for the whole family. View our full menu here, and pop down after 12pm to try it for yourself.

NHS Discount in Worthing

We offer NHS discount in Worthing to say a big thank-you to all that the hard working staff do

Thanks to our sunny position on the seafront, we often see NHS staff popping in for a bite to eat and a spell on our glorious deck during the week as a break from work, or a post-shift treat. They work tirelessly to provide excellent care, just as NHS staff do across all the various services, so we decided that to say a small thank-you for their massive contributions, we would offer NHS discount in Worthing here at The Beach House.

The discount is for 20% off food and drink Monday-Thursday, and is designed to make those all important pennies go further. Getting together for food is an important part of relaxing and winding down after a hard day’s work, so we hope that this offer will help make that more possible for NHS staff from all levels.

All staff need to do when they visit The Beach House between Monday and Thursday is present their staff card when they want to settle up! Call us on 01903 367313 to book at table.

The Beach House are Proud to Be a Ridgeview Wine Stockist in Sussex

The Beach House are proud to be a Ridgeview Wine Stockist in Sussex

We’ve always championed local producers at The Beach House, and that’s no different when it comes to our wine list. We’re proud to be a Ridgeview Wine stockist in Sussex, serving Bloomsbury to the wine lovers of Worthing.

Based in Ditchling, near Brighton, Ridgeview produces sparkling wines right here in Sussex, in their winery nestled at the foot of the South Downs. Their wines have gained world class reputation, and have won many national and international medals and trophies.  The team partially attribute their success to the full flavoured grapes that can be grown here in Sussex. Because our nights are chilly, English grapes have super-acidity, which bodes very well for quality sparkling wine!

pexels-photo-160123The Ridgeview wine we’ve particularly taken a liking to is the Bloomsbury, which is their signature blend. It’s golden in colour, with a ‘fine, persistent mousse’. Chardonnay dominates, and pinot adds depth, creating a balanced finish. It’s the perfect accompaniment to shellfish, which suits us down to the ground here by the sea! It’s great for celebrations too.

Find our full wine list here, and pop down soon and try a glass of this outstanding Sussex wine!